Techking Tires`

Techking positions itself to be a tire solutions provider. Utilizing its engineering sources, Techking develops different tire categories such as radial OTR, bias OTR, truck tires and passenger car tires for the worldwide market. Techking also invests many sources on tire management and tire service, aiming to provide long term and sustainable solutions for its users.

Techking registers its brand in over 163 countries, with more than 40 tire patents. Techking tires have been serving 88 countries, with 10 compounds to explore the most optimized tire performance for different applications. Techking is also a proud supplier of up to 10 large OE manufacturers home & abroad.

Thanks to the consistent commitments to the tire industry, Techking brand is winning more and more recognition in many segments of the tire industry.

Working with a close-knit group of first-rate partners around the world, Techking has reached a point where its tires are sold in every developed and developing country on every continent.